What is a Portable Compactor?

Portable bin being collected

What is a Portable Compactor?

Portable compactors are designed to be self-enclosed units to reduce the volume of waste and reduce transport costs, to save money.

They operate in the same was as static compactors, being you have a steel framed box, with powerful hydraulic rams located internally, that push the waste into the self enclosed box.

Units are fully enclosed and designed to fit ether on the rear of a skip lorry (called Skip
Portable) for up to 10CuM or are the larger type up to 24Cu M to be uplifted/emptied using a
roll on off type vehicle.

These units are particularly suitable for producers of waste with a higher than normal amount
of liquid waste and are especially suited to producers of mixed waste, especially food waste.
All machinery offered can be made to be liquid retentive and can be supplied with various
loading options, i.e. hand loaded / Bin lift or chute feed.

20cu m hand loaded portable skip

Benefits of a static compactor

Each time a skip / waste container is exchanged / emptied, there will be a transport cost – so a compactor unit on site will significantly reduce the transport costs.

If you are currently using “open” type roll on off skips, then you will be paying in the region of £150-175 transport cost only each time these are emptied.

So, if you achieve say a minimum 4:1 compaction ratio, then you would reduce the costs by circa £450-£525 against the same number of uplifts / exchanges. So potentially some big savings can be made on your waste.

There will be further savings from reduced administration costs / booking in vehicles, plus further benefits being:-

  • Reduced Site Traffic
  • Less scatter of waste on site
  • Reduced fire risk (as waste is contained within the attached waste container/bin) – reduced insurance premium
  • Increased productivity – as less double handling of waste & reduced site movements of waste (Waste audit needed to quantify potential labour savings)  
  • More efficient system to improve your companies carbon footprint.
  • Far better system for larger waste producers

Why have a portable compactor instead of a static compactor

Portable compactors are optimal for those dealing with wet or contaminated waste which can be used in-conjunction with a drainage system. The smaller portable compactors are usually handled with a skip truck and the larger with a Ro-Ro hook-lift vehicle.

  • Reduction in odour from food waste, especially in the summer months
  • Reduction in vermin – as fully enclosed
  • Improved housekeeping due to design.

Call, email or enquire via our free waste audit form to contact a waste specialist from Waste Handling Solutions to find out more or arrange a free waste audit.

Examples of Hook-Lift Roll On / Off Portable Compactors

The following are a range of hook-lift (roll on / off) portable compactors we offer, in-situ and in use.

Examples of Skip-Lift Portable Compactors

The following are a range of skip-lift portable compactors we offer, in-situ and in use.