Balers for Recycling

Offering a variety of models and sizes we provide tailored baling solutions making your waste management as economic and seamless as possible.

Mill Sized Vertical Balers

View and learn more about our mill sized vertical balers.

Automatic Horizontal Balers

View and learn more about our automatic horizontal balers.

Understanding Baler Sizes

Typically baler users fall into three categories:

  • Vertical, cabinet & twin balers – 0-5 tonnes per week
  • Horizontal balers – 5-20 tonnes per week
  • Fully automatic balers – 20+ tonnes per week

Which machine suits your needs

The suitability of a machine is normally dictated by:

  • Daily or Weekly volume of materials handled
  • Type of materials baled (cardboard, plastics, films or others)
  • How many bales can be stored between collections
  • Available space and if the waste be handled at the point of production