Why Do I Need a Baler

What is a baler?

A baler is a piece of equipment designed to crush and compact large amounts of compatible (semi soft material – i.e. cardboard / plastic film) into a single block, which is then tied / strapped into a format acceptable to the recycling chain.

This can be achieved in a few different ways, depending on the design of the machine (Vertical / horizontal operation), however no matter which way you do it, the upside is the same.

By compacting and baling on-site with a baler, you can potentially reduce the volume by up to 90 percent and potentially reduce your costs by more than 50 percent and create a revenue from recycling.

But that’s not the only reason to consider purchasing a baler. Listed below are 5 ways you can benefit from baling on-site.

Mill Sized Vertical Baler
Fully Automatic Horizontal Baler

1.  A Baler reduces the number of waste collections and reduces your costs

This is the single biggest factor for saving your business money. In addition, fewer collections, less forklift use, less labour, reduced loss of heating/cooling through frequent opening of outside doors will also lead to indirect savings. We can help you calculate your waste management savings today with a waste audit.

2. A Baler reduces waste management time

When you reduce the amount of time your team is handling waste and recycled material, that translates to higher productivity. It frees them up to focus on what they were hired to do. That’s a win for everyone.

An example of cardboard bales stacked on top of each other
An example of cardboard bales stacked on top of each other
Fully Automatic Horizontal Baler

3. A Baler creates a cleaner work environment

Reducing clutter gives you more space and increases staff welfare. Who wouldn’t want more of both? Compacting also reduces the risk of infestation, odour or airborne particles.

4. A Balers improves site safety

Compacting and baling reduce the risk of fire, falls, theft and unauthorised entry by keeping balers in-house, not outside the facility.

5. A Baler produces revenue from a waste cost

Just when you thought baling couldn’t get any better, it does. Baled cardboard / plastic can be sold at a premium in market places where demand is high. This amount varies depending on where you are in the country.

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